Thursday, August 22, 2019

Morning Charts 08/22/2019 SPX

I’m a bit overdue to go on another ‘nothing means a damn thing, it’s all fake, protect yourself’ rant - but not today. I think my regulars get it.  There are still a few drifters and noobs from time to time that need a good awakening.

Simple post today -

Control. Nanny State. Orwellian nightmare. It’s coming here. Hell, it’s already here for the most part you just don’t see it or deny it. Look at it this way - the next election the democrats win. The Constitution is gone and that’s end game. The UN takes over and POOF! Globalism Hunger Games scenario is what’s left.

On to the lie -

Dead nuts mid range resistance of the massive consolidation area  - under ATH resistance and the abyss support. They will tank the markets to get Trump. False flags are coming. They have no candidate worth a damn. I think someone not in the race now will enter and possibly win the nomination. Everything is a distraction. Nothing is real. This is razors edge shit.

More to come below.

Big rant coming!

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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