Friday, June 7, 2019

Morning Charts 06/07/2019 SPX

Bizzarro world right now. 

In case you’ve been living in a closet- YouTube has been on a massive conservative purge banning channels and demonetizing others. It’s a big deal.

What’s terrifying is that China is collecting everything. Even on us. Why us? Globalization is gonna really suck for our children.

Biden caves to radical left on abortion  positions he’s held for decades -

On to the lie - 

Ya know ....  I have to admit that understanding the new market is never going to be an exact science. Bottom line is what they want to happen, happens, nothing more or less. Technical analysis works to a degree today, but in this rigged market relying on it to tell the ‘truth’ or keep price honest  - good luck. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB! 

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