Monday, June 3, 2019

Morning Charts 06/03/2019 SPX

NOTHING IS REAL!! That’s not a joke.

Never take anything at face value. There is always an agenda.

Interesting -

That loud cracking noise you’ve been hearing, this will lead to pieces and chunks falling off and then finally everything will just go poof!

On to the lie -

The way I see it is that we should be beyond all the suckers rallies and on to something real. DJT has proven to be a miracle worker. If given another 4 years it will only delay the inevitable. If the democrats ever get control of anything again we’re doomed. The ‘the top’ question looms.

All sorts of red lights, flashing shit and sirens should be going off in your head right now. DEFCON 1 baby. Very little support anywhere. It’s like all your worst nightmares are lining up in front of you.

Sub 24.3k on the DOW futures would not be good. Glad we had that 100 point rally this morning. Price on major indexes moving into what little support area there is. NAS 7k is a round level worth monitoring. Remember it all boils down to what they want (and how long they can maintain control).

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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