Friday, December 28, 2018

Morning Charts 12/28/2018 SPX

I'll get back to news in a couple of weeks when I get back to the office.

On to the Lie -

As I get back into the chartbook, editing and cleaning it up  (it is back online now), I'll deliver some gems. So satisfying to see my work, after not being touched for months, being pretty darn spot on.

OK, learn from this one.

Want to know how to time a major top? I stole this from Kenny back in '07. See the blue support diagonals UNDER THE INDICATORS? See where they break support in both instances. The first failure should have been the real exit, but we had a little market manipulation that led to a bull market on top of a bull markets that never corrected (think about that for a second).

Weekly SPX - updated Not drawn (a little rusty and will be corrected were the major divergences from top to top from price to the indicators - NASTY. another signal to haul ass. That last top was a suckers rally.


More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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