Monday, December 3, 2018

Morning Charts 12/03/2018 SPX

Ok busy again.

Daddy Bush dies. Wonder what sort of greeting JFK gave him on the other side?

Huber D5.

Yellow vests spreading across Europe. Bless the patriots!!! Down with globalism. It’s not about gas prices. It’s spreading!!! These people want their country and heritage back. MSM lying about reasons and giving little if any coverage to this protest.

New Neon Revolt -

DB a trigger or are they being sacrificed as a distraction?

On to the lie -

China OK for now.

Price nearing resistance.

Huber could rock the world. Not sure how markets will react, but I’d have all senses on full alert when he reports. If a declas comes (next year I’m guessing) our government and the right are gonna go ape shit.

Christmas quote -

STB sez never ever forget the reason for the season!!!

More to come below.

Have a great holiday season!!!

GL and GB!

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