Monday, November 12, 2018

Morning Charts 11/12/2018 SPX

Happy Veterans Day!!!! Many many many thanks to all those and their families that served. The patriots are fighting to preserve their sacrifices. The ingrate left is pissing on them. We’re in a process of trying to save our nation from the globalists. If we lose every death, every sacrifice will be for nothing. We can not allow that to happen. We can not let evil defeat us.

This angle is where I’ll be focusing -

If Q is real and right then I’d suspect by the end of January we will see the FISA declas and the war within our government escalating to unbelievable levels. Trump will go after the criminals. He will prosecute. He will win. When HRC said if he won their heads would roll - she was not kidding. The big question is how will the nation react. Lots of possibilities. Shutting down the radical left will be priority one. Martial law is being hinted at.

On to the lie -

Possible count scenario sets up for massive move south. I hate counting, but to a very small degree it must get some respect. So I mentioned it. Setting up for a massive slide into the holiday ramp season is counter everything. Markets should be happy with election results. Trump is doing well. I’d say at this time and before the chaos starts things remain artificially elevated. January is when things get dicey.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

Go Dawgs!

GL and GB!

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