Friday, November 2, 2018

Morning Charts 11/02/2018 SPX

My goodness! What’s up with this market recovery? Do they sense a republican route? Is this just a correction in a larger move south? Does it want to go back and check the top?

Q came back yesterday! If it goes down as desired the drainage of the swamp should begin soon after the midterms. When the FISA docs are released and they prove the Russia hoax, among other crimes O and H and others committed, wow it’s gonna be a show. This should trouble the markets if it comes to fruition. This combined with an R strengthening will send the violent side of the left over the edge and the deep state into even more of a panic mode.

Project Veritas is doing some incredible work if you have not seen their undercover videos.

On to the lie -

Great time to take some off the top and diversify out of the dollar into real assets. If there is gonna be any time POTUS will allow a down market it will be right after this election. Then a recovery into the 2020 re-election. My gut says he’s gonna prosecute DS actors and traitors which will cause problems. So, ride the wave, consider taking some off up here, and have that exit plan handy.

More to come below.

Have a good weekend.


GL and GB!

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