Monday, October 29, 2018

Morning Charts 10/29/2018 SPX

The takedown of GAB is very discouraging. Free speech and freedom on the internet is being challenged. Scary stuff.

New Neon -

In the good news section - Brazil elects the Right leader and Merkel out - FYI have you seen the theory that Merkle is Hitlers daughter?  Look it up.

Important to note this ruling and for you to brand it into your brain how sick the globalists are. This is NOT OK on any level. Good vs evil and evil won here. Wake up and see what we’re fighting against.

On to the lie -

DOW looks to be set up for a brief recovery IF ur counting (which I hate with a passion). An ABC up here retracing some of the loss then the real possibility of a double whammy - Dems take the house and a 3 ripping through 24k support bringing disaster to the markets and the nation. Things just don’t look good here. If the Rs maintain or extend their control this disaster can be averted. It all comes down to the midterms. IMO market may be reacting to and starting to price in a democrat victory based on the polls. Well, we’ve seen polls be wrong before haven’t we.

More to come below.

Have a good day.


GL and GB!

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