Monday, October 15, 2018

Morning Charts 10/15/2018 SPX

Assange to be freed up a little. Just in time for the perceived late October takedown of HRC. Let’s hope it happens.

Khashoggi is really got some people’s panties in a wad.

Sears finally dead. Sad. I loved that place as a child.  I had every Ted Williams sports item available. Loved dad taking me there so he could get out of the house and smoke cigarettes with all the salesman on the tool section.

On to the lie -

DOW sub 24k and shit gets real cause next real support is pre Trump 17k. No shit. Could happen in the blink of an eye. Not sure who, but someone has been discussing taking profits and having an exit plan in place. Hmmmm ... who was that? STB still horrified about midterms. After midterms if R take even more control or if they don’t FISA abuse and the Russian hoax gets brought front and center I believe.

More to come below.

Have a good day.


GL and GB!

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