Thursday, December 29, 2016

Morning Charts 12/29/2016 SPX /es

No post today up here. 

On to the lie -

Obviously for good reason the charts have not had my full attention for a few days. Sorry bout that, but things are that same cept we've had a bit of a well deserved and long overdue breakdown. The markets have been OB since 2014 (really 2010 but let's not go there), and we all fully understand why. When it fails is the only question. Several ways you can look at things from both sides. Bottom line is I think they need to go backwards before they can go forwards now - that is if they can continue to not let the markets fail when they correct. They still got a shot at 20k here and if they can keep it above 19kish. 

INDU Weekly - Overthrowing LT upper resistance with neg divs is never good even in a Fed driven fake market. 

INDU Monthly

SPX Weekly - The only chart with any bullish scenario (rising channel) I got. My fav chart right now as I believe it tells the best story with both sides still in play. The channel 50% diagonal resistance here should cause a reversal to channel support. This gives bully one possible, possible, last run. I hate that thought but have to keep it in play (Total Control). Bottom line is everything technically now points to a major reversal and the bottom falling out (as is well deserved) if Team Manipulation can't hold on to the ball. 

Freedom watch -

See below in comments  - Kerry and Oshithead doing their best to fuck the country (showing their true colors) on the way out. 

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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