Monday, August 1, 2016

Morning Charts 08/01/2016 SPX /es


So a post on ZH sez markets are gonna sell off for the next three month.  I'd gladly throw out some sort of captain obvious comment there given everything that's in our face, but given that source's muppet murdering track record and a market that refuses to correct cause it's completely manipulated - I'll gladly hold my tongue before siding with any calls on market moves.  Pretty sure y'all have noticed how quiet I've been on direction since my 54 short.  I don't think it was a terrible call given the next day they busted it into this range bound crap, so I believe my timing was really good as they countered the very next day.  They've been able to do little with it since I may add.

I hate to go back to the STB 'event' but that seems like that's all there is that can rip control from them.  I keep threatening to go all doom and gloom again with the posts, but I'm not so sure that's necessary or that y'all really want to hear it.  Y'all know how bad it is and where we're headed (esp if the Hildabeat gets elected). Bottom line is we're doomed and it's only a matter of time. Barring some sort of miracle technology that puts millions to work the numbers only predict failure. The math does not lie.

On to the lie -

Don't think I'll have the patience to post a chart from the phone but I'll keep trying. Go to the chart book and see the triple top formation chart and try not to throw up.  It's a long way down so careful looking over the edge.

I can't link to any charts.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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