Monday, August 8, 2016

Morning Charts 07/08/2016 SPX /es

Well, this has often been on my mind over the past year especially - what is The Trick To Staying Sane In The Market's New Normal Ponzi Narrative?

"Too many are forgetting the “investors” in this scheme are governments (or proxy) with unlimited funding resources, as well as: they also control the narrative. i.e., any data point they wish to convey as what “is” good or bad. I would imagine if Charles Ponzi were alive today he’d argue “And you sent me to jail for?”"

On to the lie - 

I got nothing, sorry. Total control (see post above). Total patience waiting for the Matrix "dodge this" STB "event" moment is about all there is at this point. Technically price is still a jumbled mess and price refuses to react to anything rationally. This is NOT a free market. I wish I could say or do more. Being quiet and patiently watching as good and bad both now equal good is more than frustration, especially when technicals have been removed from the game. 

SPX 2hr - They are even breaking their own tendencies now. they usually at least backtest the last overthrow point (2120) before moving to new highs. Greedy bastards could not even allow that to happen this time. When this thin lets go it's gonna be epic. Flash crash may be child's play to the potential this fall has. this thing has topped, they just refuse to let it fail (cause they CAN'T let it fail.

Freedom watch -

this is filed under freedom watch cause you gotta wonder what happened to our country and where we're headed - CNN Host Slams America's Greatest Olympian Ever For Not Being Black, Muslim Woman

Constitution today -

Off today

EO -

Off today

More to come below.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

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