Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Morning Charts 02/16/2016 SPX /es

Not much to say up here. Too many tangents right now. No clear leader in either direction. We're on the edge of that Minsky Moment. Lots of confusion and all sorts of other emotions running amok. No one wants to believe it's over. State of denial is high when clues everywhere are overly evident. 

On to the lie - 

So are we back keying on oil moves now or JPY or what? WTH knows what's gonna move price this week or next anymore. They just latch on to anything, spin it market positive and hope the launch sticks.

SPX 60m - 1880, then 1920 and 1940, those are the resistance numbers we need to watch as bully tries to take the ball back. Pretty nice double bottom, pos divs on the 60 and daily, plenty of moar hype and any other excuse you can find for the momo junkies to get back hooked into their hopium hookahs. Looks like they may gap it back thru the key 71 resistance zone.

SPX Daily - I'd say 1942 R and the upper BB would be about as high as I'm willing to look right now, and that is if bully can make a run. 

Freedom watch -

Two posts worth looking at today -

American Democracy? - Money, Super-Delegates, & Hacked Voting Machines


Here's Why (And How) The Government Will "Borrow" Your Retirement Savings

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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