Monday, November 9, 2015

Morning Charts 11/09/2015 SPX /es

Fastenal, Cat, not sure how many real life CEO's have to warn us before reality sets in and we discover that government data is a lie and that we're in deep, deep trouble - CEO Of World's Largest Shipping Company: "Global Growth Is Worse Than Official Reports"


Well, not sure how many times I've linked to the US National Debt Clock and talked about the unfunded liabilities over the years, but it's been a whole bunch - "US Debt Is 3 Times More Than You Think" Warns Former Chief US Accountant.  Dude actually paints a rather rosy picture stating the unfunded liabilities at $65 trillion instead of the $99 trillion listed (which is significantly less than the $125 trillion it once was - not sure what happened there). And my long time statement that's at the heart of my conviction "do the math".
On to the lie - 

Swung my shorts from 2104 and 2109 on the 3rd over the weekend. Most know this is highly unusual from me. I was up enough to survive a pop this morning if there was one, so I let em roll. Now, I was only willing to go as low as 2080 on the downside prediction from the top, and then I said I'd reevaluate. At this point, I like lower, but am not totally sold on the notion. Things look really good, but as you know it is their market. It only does what they want it to, and with the virtually guaranteed holiday ramp coming I'm not gonna really get my hopes up for a deeper correction or crash till next year.

SPX 60m

SPX 15m

Freedom watch - 

Cause you need to know what's coming, and why I hype on having barterable items to maintain some semblance of economic freedom in the future - the chip will take over and the cashless total control society will become reality - The War On Cash Is Advancing On All Fronts: "First They Came For The Pennies..."

More to come below. 

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