Friday, November 6, 2015

Morning Charts 11/06/2015 SPX /es

Nothing but lies and misdirection would be up here today, so I'm gonna skip this section. 5% unemployment - LOL!

On to the lie - 

And show you the lies and misdirection in a picture!

SPX 60m - Only time will tell.

Freedom watch - 

And now to expose really important lies and misdirection (not like the total farce above). 

Is Obama Secretly Running Muslim Brotherhood. And this from the Washington Times - Obama secretly backing Muslim Brotherhood. I know I've been asking this question for at least two years. Man this must have been some hush, hush, MSM covered up stuff - 

"why the administration has chosen the Muslim Brotherhood, which last year was labeled a terrorist organization by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates as a key vehicle of U.S. backing for so-called political reform in the Middle East."
Do NOT challenge the system or be punished - Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General and Clinton Calls for Exxon Probe After Company Cuts Off Foundation Funding. Don't mess with the Hildabeast.

Well, after dismissing anyone that refused to shoot at their own citizens what would you expect? Obama pushes military frustration to highest level in decades

More to come below. 

Have a good weekend. 

GL and GB!

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