Monday, October 26, 2015

Morning Charts 10/26/2015 SPX /es

Just follow the bouncing QE ball - it is that simple - Bank of Japan Will Not Boost QE This Week, Abe Advisor Warns; Yen Jumps

The CEO's have been telling you for quite some time we're in a recession/depression - at least someone out there is trying to tell the truth - "Our Data Is Not Good" - US Companies Warn That A Recession Is Coming

  On to the lie - 

SPX 15m - Looks like that wedge I wanted formed and should be about to end. Price is over 64 which is amazing to me (my original high point off the lows), but then again I'm not really all that surprised. Remember, you are playing in a rigged market. Price is over the STB bull/bear line which means the odds of a move to a new ATH are better than not at this point (like it or not). I don't like the possibilities of a new ATH but can't argue against it. 4 if not 5 overthrows, neg divs all over, wedge ending - this thing is overly primed for a reversal. Many support points below. Watch the round number for I guess the biggest support/move point.

Freedom watch - 

Corrupt government at the top of the list - America's Top 10 Fears

More to come below. 

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