Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day and Morning Charts 11/11/2014 SPX /es

Veterans Day - let STB be the first to thank all those that served our country and helped make this nation what it is (was?). Your personal sacrifice is recognized and very much appreciated. 

Now, if we can only address the current administration's ignorance towards vets and the purge of those that won't fire on US citizens this would be a much better place. Vets should not have to force their way through barricades into WWII memorials, the VA hospitals should be taking care of vets and not letting them die and homeland security should not see veterans as a top terror threat

Is this any way to treat those that lay their life on the line so we can all be free? My how times have changed. Ticker tape parades have become DHS databases. Granted the role of the military has changed as well. What was once used to deter and defend is now (IMHO) used primarily for destabilization and to protect corporate assets. They are more than a modern day mercenary force sent to do the banks bidding overseas protecting the petrodollar, but not by much. 

I often wonder if vets second guess their service knowing what this country has devolved to? Sadly there are thousands that don't get that chance. They paid the ultimate price - sometimes I wonder - for what, based on the socialist path we're headed down. 

Maybe the DHS is right about the current returning veterans being potential terrorists? They are recruiting and training mercenaries that after leaving the military become black ops doing who knows what around the globe. Maybe the DHS is smart enough to be concerned about government taking advantage of their service under false pretenses (recruiting to defend liberty and then using them as meat) and their returning not so happy about what they were used for? 

Bottom line is we have generations of warriors that gave everything so we could be free. This is no small undertaking. The sacrifices were enormous. Then today, at this time, we have a different scenario where the military chases government sponsored and created bogeymen around the globe (while guarding the poppy fields which in turn leads to bank profits thru money laundering) to justify the trillions spent on the military every year. Remember, someone warned us about the military industrial complex all the way back in 1961. 

Sadly, the way we are headed, we may need them to change their focus once again, back to defending the nation. The current administration, global economic conditions and the fact that we've destabilized things to a point everyone is on edge are all leading to a new cold war era and possibly worse. I've warned almost since the beginning of Obozo's presidency he'd need and have a war. The way things look today, we may get one. 

To the current military, mercenaries or not, they still deserve our thanks and gratitude, cause they will always be there for us. While it is impossible to ignore and hard to approve of what they are doing in the meantime, they are only doing as they are ordered. 

Maybe removal of the liar in chief with his pro muslim stance and socialist policies would be the best for all of us and solve some of the problem. The real issue lies with the central banks, US corporate interests and expansion policies where the military is used for profit and control. This agenda has secured our wealth but made us a deeply hated nation across the globe. 

Our strategies today are not much different than those used in the days when the early empires where forming modern day nations. Profit and grow through expansion via taking over foreign lands, controlling their resources and using favorable economic relationships to expand corporate growth. Sadly, our military is used to rape and pillage the globe now all in the name of democracy. 

Thanks again to all the vets and their families out there and those that gave and paid the ultimate price. I for one will not allow your service to go without recognition or for want. If necessary I'm ready to step up and fight for everything you fought for. I'm afraid that on our current course that force will be the only way to stop the socialist expansion of the US government. Let's pray that's not true, and let's also pray that we can avoid WWIII. 

On to the lie - 

Weekly SPX - You know, whatever - tick, tick, tick. The promise of QE and deficit mega-expansion will not be sustainable. They've gone too too far this time. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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