Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Morning Post 03/29/2022 SPX

I wonder if I’ll ever lay out one more old school rant? At this point it would really only be rehashing a decade of we were right. I don’t think I have anything left to release that I haven’t beaten into submission. I’m afraid pray and prep are what we’ve been reduced to. Saw a great meme the other day, ‘conspiracy theories should be called spoiler alerts’. Not sure what can change our course, nor if it is meant to be able to be changed. We’re on God’s time. Best we do as He’s taught us and let the chips fall where they fall. 

On to the lie - 

Gotta love the market rising as our fiat petrodollar wrc is being dismantled - nothing to see here, move along. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB! 

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