Monday, January 27, 2020

Morning Charts 01/27/2020 SPX

Holy crap the deep state must be in complete panic mode. Corona, Kobe, embassy bombed WTF? Is losing your impeachment case that big a deal for the democraps? Throw the Super Bowl in this week for even more distraction. Shit they want our guns. The conspiracy cases behind corona and Kobe are both compelling. Corona convincingly compelling. Kobe ... it’s actually not such a long shot. Just get on Twitter and let your searches run. They killed mr peanut? There are no coincidences.

I’m thinking the corona release is an attack at Trump. (Lots of targets, like possibly China going for Beijing as well) Scorched earth baby. He’s too successful. He’s unifying not only the USA but the world behind WWG1WGA. He’s crushing the globalist agenda they’ve spent decades putting in place to enslave us. Think about it. That’s not a far flung theory if you’re a woke truther. It’s really not a reach at all. It may be just another case of conspiracy fact.

On to the lie -

Futures shit the bed off close to 400. Not the end of the world but we need to watch support levels. SPX 3,100 and 3k (the backtest I’ve so desired) will be key.

Corona would qualify for the STB ‘event’ if it is that threatening and not contained. Non market related and out of their control. Once people head for the gates the flow will only pick up. All the QE on the planet wouldn’t stop this exodus if it occurs. Markets are one of Trump’s pillars. These sick fucks want power. ALL THE POWER. They want us ignorant, dependent and enslaved globally. See Agenda 2030 if you need proof in black and white. STB has been right for a long time. Don’t ever lose sight of what they want, nor ever stop defending your rights.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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