Thursday, October 10, 2019

Morning Charts 10/10/2019 SPX

NBA and CHINA! The ‘woke’ athletes hypocrisy on display. The socialist stance for the money over constitutional rights on display. The NFL lost me a few years back, now the NBA is out.  The only reason I’d go to an NBA game now would be to hold up a FreeHK sign just for the reaction.

Gold will be money again? Ya don’t say. Hmmm ... someone around here has preached diversification (not to be confused with diversity) for close to a decade. At these tops taking a little out of the market and all the way out of cash/fiat. The BEST TRADE EVER.  Worthless fiat for gold? Like ...DUH! Barterable assets. Untraceable equity. Their worst nightmare is you doing things they can’t control or track.

And GOLD ETF holdings at ATH -

I was talking to some advisors the other day and mentioned diversification and non correlated assets, specifically gold, I hope the get woke to what’s happening.

ZH is on Fire this morning. Lots of great posts.

On to the lie -

Like is said yesterday - they’ve been doing QE4eva for several years now, they just admitted to starting again yesterday.

Under QE a natural backstop is created. BTFD will be revived. Markets will remain misleading and rigged.

Nothing new in price location. Just above consolidation area.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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