Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Morning Charts 05/29/2019 SPX

Are we finally at that ‘Oh shit, oh dear’ moment? Dare I finally call the top after all these years? If I decide to call the top my fear is that it will mean the deep state wins again. I really think things are about to get ugly AF. Trump is about to turn the tables. He’s winning. They can’t let him have 4 more years. If they are rearing the disclosure ploy again, we’re close again. If Trump goes where he must go for justice, the people and the country ... think about it. Illuminate, deep state, globalists - centuries of corruption, rule, what brought down Rome ... there will be no turning back. If he/we fail then the Hunger Games world we all fear, that the UN has laid out in Agenda 2020/30 has a real chance of becoming reality. Holy shit!

Next level shit goes Biblical, God and good vs evil. Armageddon type shit. We’re not there yet. Working our way there tho. We’ve been given a reprieve. God allowed this by not letting HRC become president. What will we do with it?  Can we destroy the lost, evil, radical left? Can we stop the fall of Christianity? Can we right the world?  What a battle it’s gonna be. With the results of recent global elections it appears we’re winning for now.  Let’s keep it that way. The purge and rebirth could lead to unimaginable excellence, I just don’t see that coming. Sorry. That’s His return and reign. Don’t think we’re capable of that.

On to the lie -

2800 is here and the HnS neckline will crack this morning. Let me know what you hear inside you at 9:30 when it does. Listen carefully. Is the end of excess upon us? It may be for most. If you think all this is over the top, so be it. If I’m a rambling idiot call me out. Pretty sure most here wonder many of the same questions. Are we at the line in the sand? Wow if we are. More on all this to come.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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