Thursday, August 9, 2018

Morning Charts 08/09/2018 SPX

The left is proving they’re off their rocker, and the far left is completely unhinged. We can NOT allow them to get any power back. VOTE! Red Pill everyone you can. It’s for the future of our country. If we don’t win now - it will literally be over. Ha! That’s just to maintain normalcy here. The battle with the deep state and the globalists will rage on. Trump is igniting freedom from oppression across the globe. We must make this movement successful. Do your part.

Poor England, Sweden and other countries in Europe. So sad to see them and their culture being erased from existence. What a loss. Don’t let it happen here, and then we can restore and save Europe again. The globalists MUST lose and be driven from the planet.

These people are sick! They are trying to normalize pedophelia. Really? You know why right? Cause all the elites are into it. Look back in the old STB logs. You were warned. And I’m sure some of you thought I was nuts or exaggerating. We’ve known for decades. Are you going to allow this? Is so, leave STB now and never come back. If not - fight now with your voice and vote.

On to the lie -

I still think consolidation happens into the midterms. Why? I fully believe the unhinged and desperate left will do something that will disrupt things. As I’ve been saying - ride the wave but have an exit plan ready. While this last lift I’d the first deserved move up the market has made in 9 years  - it’s like  placing a 1,000 pound weight on a table supported by a rotten stick.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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