Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Years!

Sup STB?  It’s 2018! Wow!

What a difference a year (new POTUS) makes. There is real, actual hope now for America.

This year is gonna be very interesting. Do the Chinese have a year of the ‘Jail ‘? #lockthemallup

Deep state shit I believe will dominate everything as POTUS continues to clean house.

The right left civil war is real. Operation Mocking Bird with the blatant msm lies continues.

POTUS taking deep state down from bottom to top. Starting with street level pedos and eventually crumbling the whole satanic global system - which in turn cleans up the government.

Gonna be a very interesting year.

Oh the markets - the Charts are looking like mid ‘18 or in 19 is the next technical point where they could go boom. Still gonna take the long called STB ‘event’ for the market to crash. Team Total Control has the ball and you can’t play with it.

Thanks to each of you for being here and contributing. I’m gonna make a bit more of an effort to get more news and market stuff to y’all like I used to. Things got rather boring there for a few years - rinse/repeat follow the Fed got old and way too predictable as they continually raped every technical set up. Let’s start looking for clues to see when change may come.


GL and GB!

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