Thursday, March 30, 2017

Morning Charts 03/30/2017 SPX /es

Three Fed speakers (11, 3 and 4:30) ... enough said .... I'm out .... BOOM ..... STB drops the mic and walks off stage. 

On to the lie -

SPX 30m - Possible IHnS - target 2395. Gonna be a tough run tho with 4 resistance points from 73 - 87. If done quickly severe neg divs will be set on longer term charts. The neg divs here tho at this R don't bode well for a breakout. Of course we know it only goes where they want it to. Note: the HnS above blue diagonal could still be in play - yes, this could be a backtest of that neckline as well. So, you have two opposite HnS/IHnS formations in play in a massive consolidation area under heavy resistance in an overthrow at ridiculously overvalued situation. 

SPX 2hr - Another possible IHnS is the whole formation under upper brown diagonal resistance - Targets just under 2500. The whole move above R here (the worst overthrow possibly in history) has the chance to be a breakout and backtest before liftoff. I hate the thought of it, but with Total Control you can't discount anything up.  

Freedom watch-

Orwellian nightmare coming - Death At Your Door: Knock-And-Talk Police Tactics Rip A Hole In The Constitution

Cause they've set the narrative and defined reality for us - and we're stupid enough to have believed them - Nanny StateRecent TSA Molestation Video Proves Americans Have Become Authority Worshipping Slaves

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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