Friday, February 24, 2017

Morning Charts 02/24/2017 SPX /es

Remain calm. They are discussing coups and other disasters in the government that Oshithead left. No real problems with debt or the economy, that they want you to know. The recovery is in full force and rising rates are coming soon, risk off is exactly what they can't allow right now or anytime in the near future. Internet censorship would never happen here - it's happening. As idiotic as this sounds - War (how many Russian government personnel have 'died' recently?), 'they' want it. The one thing that is real and that you can count on 100% is that they can not let the market fail or even meaningfully correct under any circumstance (unless they want Trump out and the coup is truly coming). And I'll throw in Fukushima for good measure as a cherry on top. Total Control is real and nothing happens without their blessing.

Pretty sure none of that made sense to any of you - and that's just where they want us - in a massive sate of distracted confusion. Confusion and distraction (Admin, Fed and MSM together) have been the best policy. Trump is really screwing that up. Shining light in all the dark corners exposing the rats and roaches can not be allowed. What may we be exposed to that the sheeple need not see? Well (#pizzagate) a government and global elite pedo ring of child trafficking satanists running everything is what they've kept hidden for decades. Taking down this group will shatter the establishment and cause such a disruption in government that a civil war could break out. Things are really F'd up beyond comprehension folks. The markets are the greatest distraction, simple as that.

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Internet censorship is happening.

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