Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Morning Charts 09/13/2016 SPX /es

Confusion reigns - it's their best platform. Breslow: "Why Did Brainard Need To Remind Everyone That The Economy Had Suddenly Caught Pneumonia?". Pneumonia? she had to go ... there? 

We all at STB know the truth. We understand reality. Why the CYA moments? Why the occasional tidbits of reality mixed in with the main lies of recovery? And now they hold off on the rate raise? We all know the financial institutions rule the world and they are dying a slow death (common theme for the elite these days) without the ability to raise rates. 

So what's up? Bottom line is everything is busted and is going to implode. Why? Mainly cause the recovery is a lie, the markets are a lie and there is more debt than can possibly ever be afforded. So the STB 'event' will come and the only way out will be a coordinated global default (my call in 2010). The funny money will be erased just as quickly as it was created. War is coming and the battle for the most powerful person on the planet is a complete farce. Cue the NWO, the UN and the globalist elite - something big is about to change and it won't be for the benefit of the sheeple.

On to the lie - 

SPX Daily -100 dma and 2120 support with diagonal support just below. The wedge is technically complete (A-E touches all in place). For bully - the market does not like to just run. Over the past years it has almost always back checked the overthrow point (black dashed) before moving higher. If it should move higher the wedge will guide it and the ultimate short would be an overthrow of the upper resistance. The fact that they are stoking the QE fires is on your side as well. For the bears - the setup could not be any better. 

Freedom watch - 

Is the MSM finally growing a pair, or is this some sort of orchestrated takeover bid at the top? Hillary's Health: NBC Asks 9 Unanswered Questions. Or .... is she actually dead?

More to come below.

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