Thursday, June 30, 2016

Morning Charts 06/30/2016 SPX /es

Well, this is yet to be determined, but this post - Soros: Brexit Has "Unleashed" A Financial Crisis Similar to 2008 could or could not be realistic. We've discussed this as possibly being the first domino or possibly the STB "event". DB and potential contagion may be the biggest problem right now. Remember don't look where they tell you to - look everywhere else for the real issues. 

What we do know is that the Keynesian debt system run by the global elite to suck out and centralize as much wealth as possible is failing. Decades of debt, fiat currencies, fractal lending and much more have set up the bowling pins for a perfect strike. The UN and globalist agenda to heard the sheeple/chattle against their will, strip them of their freedoms and impose their righteousness on them is backfiring at the same time. Making us poor, subservient debt slaves is about to backfire. The Elites Have Lost The Right To Rule.

STB has for years warned of the coming collapse and the police state, their agenda and much more. It's getting down to crunch time and I hope you are prepared. Things are escalating. Some of the recent tragedies have been planned and some out of their control as portions of their proxy for submission and fear have gone rogue. I feel like we all really need to be on the alert for a larger false flag or event on the magnitude of a 9/11 or greater. More on this to come as I need to get back to the warning/fear mongering days of STB posts. I've been calm and quiet too long. 

On to the lie - 

Reversal? I actually like the idea here. Who knows? Only they do as they are in total control. Holiday ramp out of nowhere to calm the masses is all I see. Keep their illusion alive and well which keeps the sheeple at bay. They can't let the markets fail - plain and simple as that. 

I updated a few charts last night and should have time to get on a few more over the next week. There isn't really any magic showing up in them right now short term. but long term some things are working. LT s/r is the best technical thing going right now in this crazy volatile topping process. 

SPX Daily - We're still in the STB anatomy of a rollover. We're at one of those points where nothing makes sense and everyone is in complete denial that failure is immanent. 

SPX 30m - I can only recall one other time when price traded between an island top and island bottom and it was insignificant - this isn't. The green/blue areas are the island gaps. All the other yellow areas are open gaps. Never seen anything like this before. My main gist for a reversal here is the backtest of black channel support just above 2064 s/r at the 62% retracement - it's just a very logical reversal/continuation point technically. 

SPX Weekly - Well someone wanted a drop-n-pop to set the negative divergences on the weekly. Why did price stop 1990 so abruptly and with precision? See that blue channel support going back to the '09 low? There is your answer. I'm gonna work on cleaning up the ST weekly chart. I believe a lot of keys will lie in this time frame. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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