Thursday, May 12, 2016

Morning Charts 05/12/2016 SPX /es

Just read this and try not to throw up - A Central Banker Officially Loses It: "We Are Magic People". All I got is that the people behind the curtain pulling levers and pushing buttons are even less stable than we could imagine.

On to the lie - 

SPX 60m - Well, my fear was the higher high (2084). They pulled it back to the 68 level and then 64 yesterday, and here we are popping off that major S/R number. They don't want to lose this point. I'm kinda in a quandary on calling this thing right now. Price is simply at one of those points where up down or sideways are all possible. Bottom line is 'they' are desperate, they will defend, they are in real danger, they can't lift, they can only levitate. From now on price is permanently of the edge of collapse. I've discussed the end of the wedge, OB situation, the rollover, the more recent potential HnS - It's their game, and it's quite possible they are about to lose control.

Freedom watch - 

Believe 'em if you want to - White House Denies it Duped Media to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal ....State Department Promises to Look Into “Glitch” of Erased Part of Video

More to come below. 

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