Thursday, April 28, 2016

Morning Charts 04/28/2016 SPX /es

Pretty simple - you take the candy away and everyone cries - Japanese Bloodbath After BoJ Disappoints - Nikkei Drops 1000 Points, USDJPY Crashes.

On to the lie - 

Read this - 2.607 Days Later, The "Most Hated Bull Market Ever" Is Now The Second Longest In History

SPX 30m - Maybe that RS and the HnS is gonna play out. Sadly it takes an event to make it happen and natural forces can't do it on their own. She's been trying to roll over for weeks now, maybe this will be one of the last straws?

Freedom watch - 

Hmmm - The Mysterious Case of Ted Cruz PAC’s $1/2 Million ‘Donation’ to Help Carly Fiorina

“And you have to wonder whether these women, one of whom worked for the Carly Fiorina campaign, and then shortly thereafter Ted Cruz pays Carly half a million dollars. Ted despises Carly, and Carly despises Ted. What is the $500,000 for? Can you say hush money?”

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

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