Thursday, March 31, 2016

Morning Charts 03/31/2015 SPX /es

This is all you need to know - move along and be a good little sheeple,

"The message the vaunted Fed chair sought to drive home was simple: it wouldn’t matter if the unemployment rate dropped to 1% and inflation expectations spiked above the FOMC’s target overnight - it’s simply too dangerous out there for the Fed to lean hawkish."

On to the lie - 

Charts are an absolute mess right now short term, but the larger charts are somewhat compelling.

SPX  Weekly - the strong resistance point I mentioned yesterday, but the indicators are not confirming (no neg divs). I'm starting to become more bearish but not fully worried about a massive reversal quite yet (Fed = dove). Right now it looks like there may not be a full blown technical agreement (divergences and trendlines together) to this top without either a blow off move up here or a pullback and pop. Of course an 'event' could cause some market panic, don't forget that.

Freedom watch -  

You need to look over this post - Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

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