Monday, August 24, 2015

Morning Charts 08/24/2015 SPX /es

Black Monday. Why wait for the September collapse? Shit's bad, really bad, but we here at STB all knew this day would come and could feel it building over the past year. The hardest thing to fathom is that they let this happen. Apparently it took the Squid less than a week to go from not ready to I'm sure a prime position to capitalize on this turn. 

Shit's falling apart everywhere. We here at STB living in reality know that, but the sheeple have been distracted, lied to, shammed, but now the veil has been lifted. The lipstick is off the pig.

Two questions - can or will this selloff gain momentum and how long till they announce QE4? Can a "Bullard" moment stop this or will this simply have to play out? Will a nervous public decide to bail? Oh the margin calls today, the carnage!

I was surprised to hear the MSM over the weekend discussing Friday's drop. More than discussing it, it lead the news. They've actually contributed to the panic. Why? Of course their meme had the caveat to "stay the course", LOL. 

For now I think we have to watch this play out till they can stabilize price. Flash crashes and market closures are very real possibilities. 

On to the lie - (oh how appropriate this sections title has been for years) - 

So much for short term charts. Was I the only one discussing 18 handles the last few weeks? When you run it up they way they have you leave massive support less areas. This leads to an escalator up and elevator shaft down. Where is support? 1900? 1820? 1725? Lower?  

The VIX explosion is epic. No fear to utter fear in an instance. 

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Freedom watch - 

This fall could be the beginning of the end. Every fall now has to be considered as such now. War, police state, martial law, asset forfeiture, all the nightmares we've discussed over the years could get triggered. Most importantly - do not forget that the "gates" are close.

More to come below. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!

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