Thursday, June 18, 2015

Morning Non-charts 06/18/2015 SPX /es

So the Fed is ready to raise rates (they have been for two years now in case you missed it), and Greece is facing "ungovernable chaos", oh joy! Meanwhile unfavorable jobs and economic data continue to roll in. If you can make any sense of this, let me know. 

The more I see things the more I truly believe that the Fed is losing control if it has not already lost control of almost everything (but market manipulation of course). The juggling act as I have referred to it over the years now has too many grenades in the air. Once a juggler misses one catch, we all know what happens to everything else that's up in the air.

The Fed yesterday was a complete farce. Now we have Greece dodging bullets today (and through the weekend). Of course our markets are acting as if there are no problems anywhere and showing little fear. Well, what we still call markets, when nothing is real and corruption and complete manipulation dominate the scope, appearances can be deceiving.

On to the lie - 

Charts will be back - I promise. Sorry for the delay. As you can prolly tell from my personality, I'm a bit stubborn. The problem is me relenting. I will, soon. 

There really is nothing to see.  We have the standard situation. Months of the red wedge build up, it breaks down, markets are set for massive and deserved failure, the Fed and the PPT relent and guess who wins? Right now price is basically in the middle of the really wide range from 2120 down to 2072 I mentioned yesterday. Markets are becoming overbought near term with a small rising wedge defying gravity over the past two days. 

Bottom line is you are left trading news and left wondering if TA is correct or not. You're chasing the white rabbit. That's a very dangerous situation.

Freedom watch - 

White man kills 9 at african-american church. This should be a massive warning signal. Inside job or FF, I do not know. Bottom line is this is a perfect play for the globalists to try and ignite discord in the US.

US Open at Chambers Bay starts today. Should be an exceptional watch as the best in the world are made to look human.

More to come below.

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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