Friday, May 22, 2015

Open Weekend Post 05/23-25/2015

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge. 

First order of business, have fun this holiday weekend. Make sure you spread the government and Fed propaganda to all your friends and neighbors of how fucking rich you are and how super inflated your portfolios are. Tell 'em how you've got fiat coming out of every orifice you have so much. Make sure you tell 'em on how you are planning on leveraging up on your 4th mortgage and betting it all in the market with margin on leveraged assets! Don't remind them to sell their silver, gold and guns - those are worthless.

Second order of business would be to keep your mouth shut about data manipulation, yet recognize a total farce when you see one. You better check out US Department Of Commerce Officially Jumps The Shark, Will "Double Seasonally Adjust" GDP Data. See the definition of "full retard" in the dictionary for more clarification.

Third order of business should be to start packing your bags and secretly start planning on which country you want to live in other than this rapidly decaying democratic nightmare.

Other than that, maybe we get the post holiday crash, maybe not.

Many thanks to those who serve/served this country and to the families that have lost loved ones defending the globe/nation. I hope it turns out in the end that it was worth the sacrifice. I'm sure it will, but right now things don't look so hot.

Have a great holiday weekend. 

GL and GB!

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