Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No, Things Are Not Getting Better

No matter what they say. No matter what they do. Do not believe a word of it. You are witnessing the greatest con-game ever perpetrated on anyone anywhere.

The latest debacle, paying back tarp funds so bonuses can be paid out so they can retain "talent", is like piling on after the play. It is a personal foul, and I'm taking it personally. You should to. In Ratigan Dissects TARP Repayments Dylan hammers home the rail road spike that should push most over the edge. Is the public in an uproar over this one? Nooooooo. Should they be? Yessssss. Americans yet have another reason to be lighting up the phone and fax lines of their representatives but are they? Nope. Well, our representatives can't really do anything to stop them from repaying TARP funds, but they can correct the issue with a windfall profit tax. Will they? Nooooo. Should they? Yesssss! they can not challenge the true powers that be. You should have figured this out by now, but our government is really at the mercy of the banksters. The bastards have raped America again during the worst economic downturn in history and the friggin bastards that were responsible for most of this mess get rewarded? You tell me, should we be in the streets protesting this action or just enjoying our credit laden lives watching our 46" plasmas?

So how do we continue to pay for these bonuses, the capitalization efforts and keep the market hovering while the Fed has begun the repo machine? For Second Time In A Row, One Month Bill Auction Closes At 0.000% That's right, you issue one month treasuries at 0.00% interest rates. I know, there still may not be a safer place to store your funds (that's right - simply parking BILLIONS for a month earning NOTHING is the safest place for their funds right now). Take a minute and fully absorb that statement. Soak it in. This should tell you that risk even in their world is peaking. It should also bring caution that this may be another form of monetization. So while they lie to you on TV and tell you everything is fine (look at the right hand), the left hand is doing things that you do not need to see or know about. 

Well its a darn good thing that the banks are paying back those billions cause here comes subprime again. Fannie Freddie May Need Another $400 Billion Taxpayer Assistance is most likely just the tip of the iceberg to get housing fixed. You see when they are looking for, say, uh, another $400 BILLION while the housing market is churning out numbers like Latest NAHB Confidence Number Edges Down To 16, Misses Consensus, Lowest Since June

But things really are fine. Just look at Best Buy's earnings (don't look at anything else but the earnings - nothing - nope - don;t turn that page - you just get to see the earnings). Did anyone pick up on Cramer’s Best Buy Earnings Recommendation Gets Crushed? Not that it mans anything (good laugh though). Bottom line is the recession is over and the consumer is fine. Is That A Door Slamming? You see the credit card charge offs are a normal part of the cycle and should be expected to be at these levels. This is a natural part of the process of ending a recession (I could go to work for CNBS spewing lines like that). 

But have no fear For Week Ending December 14, Insider Selling Outpaces Buying By A Factor Of 32.

Look folks. I can't (and don't) make this stuff up. Night after night I produce some profound posts from the net. Stuff that I am finding on a nightly basis should take a half a year to produce. The shit is hitting he fan, but since they have built a massive propaganda machine and coordinated efforts across all boarders and oceans to hide the truth most are oblivious to the facts. The rising market has taken the public's eye off of the ball, but that curtain will drop soon exposing the puss filled sore that our banks and governments have propagated over the past decade. Nasty thought? Yeah, it should be.

GL and happy holidays.