Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Morning Post

Running a little late so it has to be a quickie.

SPX 60m - See the red TL? Break that with some conviction and set a lower low and we'll get a full frontal bear move. Till then that range in the red diagonal is still in play. I do not believe the top TL will be tested again (that is not saying I have called a top - which 1119 was most likely it at this point). 60m indicators still have a little room to fall and there are no divergences to speak of to price at this time signaling a turn up. 

SPX daily - Whether the TL's and labels are right or wrong (this is a chart I play with), you can not argue with the divergences to price in the indicators and the interaction with the upper bear market TL and the 50% fib retracement.  See the red box? Taht is a lot of nasty stuff in there that does not look good for the bulls. I do like that target in the circle. Those should look familiar from the SPX channels I showed yesterday.

VIX daily - I think the VIX has bottomed based on the action of price and it's relation the the 50 and 100ma. The blue boxes tell a good story. It can't hold a break above the ma's. When the 50 crosses the 100 the bears party will be on. No telling how long that will take, but with them less than 6 points apart it may not take long. The indicators are mixed, but favor a bullish move here for the VIX.

It is a  tough call here. We are near the TL of what has been a really choppy market for three weeks and they may force it back up here some. I think the bulls have lost their mojo and the top is most likely in, but that is not a call (you can't go against the PPT). Odds are good that we stay range bound till the EOY. Bottom line is the divergences on the daily and weekly charts with the price action say loud and clear the bulls have had their run. Now we have to wait patiently for the selling to commence.

GL and happy holidays.

I'll be doing some more daily posts on other stuff so look for them.