Thursday, December 31, 2009

Morning Post

Sorry for cutting out on you all yesterday. I slept in and had a great day in the rockies. Shanky is in Crested Butte, Co. I am also sorry for not replying to comments as I did not touch a computer yesterday. Playing catch up this am. Thanks for your patience and understanding. I am on vacation and am really enjoying it.  Going a little over the top as this may be the last one we can really enjoy for a while. The crowds are thin and have been really weak this year. The recession has caught up to this tiny ski town. More on this next week.

I am looking to support the move your money cause.
The markets is going to shit all over it's self eventually.
The big boys (PIMPCO mainly - no one else really matters) are/have been moving to cash.
The perfect storm is coming IMO.

No charts this am. The altitude (9,756 where my butt is right now to be exact) must be getting to me. Sorry, but charting range bound crap has gotten old. I will say that the SPX appears to be in a parabolic top (like the top of a circle). Dan posted one of these a few months back in a slightly different scenario, but I am not charting it yet. Look at any daily chart and you'll see that it is rolling over here. Is this THE top? I do not know. First qtr earnings have me a little worried as a bear, but that should be the end of this BS run.

I have no words of wisdom this am either. OK, I have a few - ENJOY THIS NEW YEAR season. Make the most of it. Set your resolutions and stick to them. Write them down and keep them in a place where you will be able to refer to them often. Set the bar high, but not to high they can not be obtained. Keep faith, family and friends in the resolutions. They should not all be materialistic.

GL out there. I'll be getting cranked back up next week and, yes, some good rants are a brewin. One of my resolutions is to crank up the rants. Those fuckers deserve every bit of hell they can get.