Monday, December 28, 2009

Morning Post

I'm on vacation in Colorado, so it is a lot earlier than I am used to. I'm not sure what all you will get from me this week. I trust everyone is enjoying the holiday season. LOL it is -2 outside my window.

I really am not sure what to expect this week. The only thing I hope happens is that the kids finally start parallel skiing and the units I'm depositing in the private ski instructions pay off.  As for the markets, low vol churn up is most likely. In total disbelief last year I sat in this same spot and watched it go up.

I am behind on updating charts and TOS out here does not have all of my annotated charts from home, so I am disabled somewhat.

The dollar appears to be breaking down or in some sort of corrective. As I have speculated, "they" allowed it to run some and now can weaken it again going into earnings season thus allowing possible strength to the markets.

As for the SPX, (pardon the non-updated chart) just look at the position of the indicators on the daily chart. I would like to say upside appears to be limited, but that is not a promise. I really hope the divergence on RSI and MACD  hold. It is trying to get overbought.

That is all I got for now. Thanks for your patience with me and the blog while I am on vacation.

Here is a pic of the backyard.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!