Monday, December 14, 2009

Morning Post

I hope you had a good weekend. 11 days to Christmas. More importantly 17 till 2010 where I believe the action begins. Dubai gets bailed out and thus saves CITI's (and the global financial system) butt. So, you can say we dodged a huge bullet there. I'm not sure what will happen with volume this week. Maybe the holiday volume started three weeks early?

Some have asked why I have stopped giving targets? Well, first they are all in the charts via fibs, S/R lines, BB's, gaps and  trendlines. Second, when the market is range bound line this and is lacking clear direction there is no point. Since I do not trade 1 and 2% moves, I do not see a need to slap a fib on every squiggle. Now I do have 1, 5, and 15m charts that I try to keep updated in the chartbook for a greater drill down if you like. I have also been asked about my EWT count. LOL - I'm not even sure if EWI has a count nor if the good Lord could count this mess. I think we're in the last wave up with a possible 1214 top target or we are in a topping process. I'm just gonna wait for it to blow out the end of the barrel and get some clear direction. Then I'll start counting again.

SPX daily - Someone wanted a daily chart, so here it is. I can not make this one say go down like the 15m I posted yesterday, but it does say the bulls are very weak and the bears can't get their act together. First note all the support under price. I count 9 support points from 1064 up. Next note the narrow BB's. Anything below 60 has created volatility and with them sitting at 29 something should be about to pop. RSI now has 3 separate divergence lines and has been trading between them and the 50 line for a month. The red line is cracking and a push to the blue line may be in order, but the upper BB may have something to say about that. S Sto got a bull cross Friday, but it never made it to being oversold and is right under TL.

SPX 60m - MACD hist does not look good. S Sto overbought. This chart looks toppy, but you know I do not thrust or trade on the 60m and find it highly unreliable. It does say toppy though. Notice the group of gaps on the upswings between 1090 and 1100. Something (?) is protection that 1088 price level. If that cracks, there is not much below it to keep the market from going straight to 1030.

DXY 60m - For all the bearish angles I tried to take above, if the dollar and the markets decide to resume their dance, this rising wedge should be viewed as potentially bullish near term for the markets. One thing that I am speculating about is that they are going to keep the $ in a range and use it to prop up the markets. Let it breathe and then deflate it. Although the dollar has decidedly bottomed for now (according to the TA I see) and broken out of its LT falling wedge, they may drag it out down here for a while.

Oil daily - goes under $70 and cracks a level I was not ready for it to violate. I thought the yellow channel would hold. Let's see what happens at support at $65.

EUR/USD daily - The breakdown continues. I'm not sure if the dashed gray TL holds here or not. Let's see what happens at the $1.44 level.

VIX - Needs to hold the lower TL near 21.
EUR/JPY - wedging down with support at $126.71.
Gold - Still in the channel down. but may be nearing a pop point as I mentioned last week.
Natgas - Looking to see any reaction to the XOM deal.