Friday, March 7, 2014

Morning Charts 03/07/14 SPX /es

Not much to say this Friday morning. Jobs outperformed and gave the taper crowd a bit more reprieve. Of course if you believe the 6.7% unemployment rate then you need to have your head examined. Just another manipulated data point, nothing more. Forward!

Ukraine will remain in the spotlight. What's amazing to me is the complacency everyone has surrounding the situation. We're one bullet and following sanctions from complete disruption of, like, everything. Interrupted trade with Russia is not what the EU needs, but we all know how this administration feels about the EU's wishes, right?

Putin probably told Obummer in their call yesterday, you can't do crap and you know it. Quit being a hypocrite. Why don't you get a quick selfie of us on the phone for you to tweet and promote Ocare and beg for more donations. Then you can go back to playing golf and implementing your socialist agenda. Oh, and thanks for paying that gas $1 billion bill for the Ukraine. That was nice of you.

Respect? LOL, not! Take a quick gander at my poll to the right and that will speak of what folks think about our leader, the most "powerful man in the world". A 38% approval rating, the fact that 71% of the sheeple regret voting for him and we will never impeach him for obvious reasons. 2 more years! Good job America, well done. Putin's gonna do whatever he wants, and we can only watch.

On to the lie -

Weekly SPX - Time is running out.

Minis 60m - Overthrowing yellow and green channels and upper rising pink wedge resistance just under major green busted backtest, all while overthrowing upper rising red wedge of death resistance. Only one word describes this, insanity.

Minis 15m -A closer look.

More to come below.

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB!

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