Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, e-mini

Morning - JPM and INTC please the gods with their earnings reports.Futures not all that giddy holding under long term resistance (for now). Good thing I'm still asleep or I'd have some choice words for yet ANOTHER revenue miss and all those trading gains.

Economic Calendar -

Earnings Calendar - GOOG Thursday.
Pivot Points -

POMO Schedule - New POMO schedule is announced today I believe. HOW EXCITING!

Shanky's Dark Side - Where I call all the intraday action.

Something tells me I better call a top soon. Running out of time for sure. Like playing chicken with a semi in a tunnel at this point. 

Minis Daily - Indicators in these positions the last two times generated minimum 100 point corrections.

Minis 4hrs off the April highs. The various forms and S/R over time are pretty clear in this chart.
4hr  close up - The wedge.
GL today.