Monday, May 11, 2009

VIX to 25? (Or To 0 For That Matter)

The more I read, the more upset I get. This is getting to be a joke. If what ALL of the bloggers, websites and non-domestic media outlets are reporting about the corruption in our financial system is true (OK - let's be fair - say 50% is true), then the U.S.A must be the laughing stock of the world. America must win the award for the most idiotic bunch of morons and greedy bastards award. The public is handcuffed by Hope and Change, a spineless congress, the FED and a multitude of characters that are consumed by one thing and one thing only, power. We are sooooo screwed.

I almost forgot the chart - annotations are there. Self explanatory stuff. But it could go to 0, who knows?

Sorry for not linking any articles. I'll give you one must see vid that I got from Tyler at Zero Hedge. REMEMBER - this is NOT ANOTHER SNL skit like the one traveling around this morning. It may seem like one, but it is not. This one threw me over the edge. Best I don't post any more. This is getting out of hand and those that know me don't want to hear me rant.


  1. Hi Shanky,

    Thanks for this chart and your comments.

    I agree that breaking below VIX 30 would be psychologically significant, and would be fuel for the bullish propaganda effort to convince the sheeple (headed for slaughter) that a new bull market has begun. If P2 is taking us to S&P 1000+, VIX 30 seems certain to fall. But only until P3 takes us down deep and long (for the slaughter).

    A bit of rant laces my comment, so you can tell I don't mind your rants at all, Shanky. I definitely think that your rants are appropriate to our national crisis, and that they complement your financial news, charts, and analysis. So I say, let the bad guys receive the apt criticism of your rants! We can't let Wall St. and Washington ruin the country and harm the people without speaking truth to power!

  2. Shanky,

    In trying to be brief, I forgot to thank you for posting this "must see" video. Thank you!

    It's INCONCEIVABLE that THE FEDERAL RESERVE could fail to account for $9 TRILLION! It's far more likely that -- once again -- the FED is squandering the people's tax money and sacrificing the people's future in order to save the banksters who caused this crisis and all of this suffering -- and, once again, the FED is lying and hiding the facts of what they've done from the American people, who would be rioting in their fury! I'm mad as hell, and I can see why you're mad as hell. Eventually, the truth will come out, the American people will know it, and there will be consequences for these gangsters.

  3. Denninger picked up on the vid too. This is as outrageous as can be, but will CNBS say anything? Doubtful

  4. America isn't the laughing stock at all. For the rest of the world bought your T-bills and exotic derivatives. Were we to laugh at you, we'd have to accept we were just as idiotic.

    Besides, the US has become a very convenient scapegoat for foreign govts own inadequacies. Hence, it was "our fault" all this terrible financial difficulty is upon us, it's "their" fault.

    The US is no worse than any other country. They all rushed to get drunk at the Temple of debt, they all wanted to outdo thy neighbour and have an expensive German motor.

    The only bit that I really can't work out, is how this pack of cards stayed upright for so long. My wife wonders why we don't live in our own house (albeit with a mortgage), and despite very generous incomes, I would not pay 6 times my income for a hovel. I've been waiting for 6 years now for judgement day, or Primary 3 to you and I. I might buy a couple of houses then.

    Keep up the good work Shanly,

    Olly (UK)

  5. Edit:

    Hence, it wasn't "our fault" all this terrible financial difficulty is upon us, it's "their" fault.

    And of course, it's Shanky, not Shanly.

  6. Hi shanky,

    Nice the charts and the insightful honest opinions of some of the other posters on here. Reminds me of some other blogs I like to check out on a regular basis...keep up the good work!


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