Thursday, May 7, 2009

BAC - Wouldn't You Give Them An Upgrade Too?

Topped - If not I quit. It could push for the 17.95 top, but I doubt it at this time (Don't know why - it will go wherever "they" want it to). Please feel free to buy up some shares. This is incredible valuation for long term investors. With a great dividend, no solvency issues, shares that will be massively diluted in a market where earnings growth will be tough to come by all add up to a fantastic investment opportunity to me. Heck, shares are only up 500% in less than a month. Man this is good stuff. The things dreams are made of. Be my guest. No, please, you first. I'd hate to ba accused of front running. Go ahead. Sure it's safe. No problems here. I'd jump in befors Cramer craps all over himself talking about it tonight.

It should see 9 again in this next pullback (If "they" want it to).

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  1. what a clean looking analysis (and the sds too).
    shows how clearly you think. it was a treat.
    let me go and check out you 406 bearish indicators link
    good luck
    stuck in faz since 8


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