Thursday, May 14, 2009

EUREKA Moment (Part 2)

First, let me give a large wad of thanks (and you should too) to Judicial Watch for their activism in many areas to protect us for the O and his marry band of thugs and thieves and the many other evil elements out there.

Via Tyler at Zero Hedge, the post "FOIA Disclosure Busts Paulson, Geithner And Bair", I get the personal satisfaction double dip. I get possible proof of "leverage" used by the government (see my last post and just add this to it) and a list of the banks that may make the list of survivors of this bailout mess. Oh Happy Day!

In the article "Judicial Watch Forces Release of Bank Bailout Documents", you get all sorts of good juicy stuff (even CNBS mentioned this today - surprise, surprise, surprise a Gomer used to say). The documents retrieved by judicial Watch are posted in the article at ZH.

Now, for the banks that made the cut (that's kind of funny isn't it - made the cut)

Among the banking CEOs who were forced into a pre-envisioned arrangement were:
Ken Lewis (BofA)
Vik Pandit (Citi)
Lloyd Blankfein (GS)
Jamie Dimon (JPM)
John Thain (ML)
Robert Kelley (BONY)
Ronald Logue (SS)
John Mack (MS)
Richard Kovacevich (WFC)

So there you have it, a safe list so to speak. We can begin whittling down the list of who might not make it now.

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  1. Thank you Shanky! The list is really helpful. I haven't heard about BOA second offering yet, by the way. That'd be very interesting.


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