Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parabolic? This is a little too extreme for my taste.

Uh, OK, If it wants to start going straight up it can do that too! I guess the party is on. Everyone is invited! Come on in and buy, buy, buy. The sale just started. Do you smell a rat?


  1. The only thing similar shank that i have found is the 50% rally in the nasdaq without any real pullback before breaking back down to new lows in 2002 I believe, it ran from Late September to mid December. The thing I guess a move to 999 has going for it is the utter and total surprise. It would sure as heck surprise the shorts and it would probably surprise the bulls where many are expecting 1100 or even more.

  2. I went back today and looked at the bottom in 2002 and 03. I think it will be hard to compare anything to this. this rise is manipulated IMO and not natural. It is good to get a look and feel for what might happen though.


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