Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top and Bottom Indicator Chart - 2 Years

I gotta new chart. This is an expanded version of my daily indicator chart marking all the tops and bottoms and aligning them with the indicators for the past two years. I think it is an eye opener. Form your own conclusions, but also notice why everyone is screaming for a top soon (if it has not already happened).

Note: You must use my chartbook link to view the chart better in Stockcharts. You can't tell anything from this view. Look for the 4th chart $$ 3 SPX - TOPS AND BOTTOMS - Daily - 2 years.

GL this week.


  1. There seems to be a lot of confusion. Rally more, pullback-then-rally, P1-5 to new low now.

    Could you look at this chart and present your views. It sure suggest that the bear is over!

    Everytime the lower trendline was hit the bull began.

    Interesting, eh?

    Here's an explanation for the recent rally you might enjoy:

  2. good morning shanky.... my, my, you've got the longest chart I've ever seeeeeeeeen.... lol...

  3. GCT - you make all my charts stand straight up! LOL

    S135 - we're screwed. thanks for the link and the visit. Like your chart. Nothing to stop the momo for the bulls it seems. I think TA is broken by the manipulations. Hopefully there are not many shorts left to drive it up even further.


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