Monday, May 11, 2009

Remain Calm Shanky. Breathe And Count To 10

It just keeps getting better and better every day.

I really do not believe what I just read on Mish's blog. Breathe Shanky, Calm down buddy. This might be one of the most outrageous inconceivable idiotic worst timed actions in presidential history. GET THIS - The O Meister is going after anti trust legislation during the heart of the worst economic crisis in history (IMO), like we've got nothing else to deal with right now.

In Obama Encourages Antitrust Complaints; Expect Nightmare of Litigation you get this, "The Obama administration warned corporate America on Monday that the government will more aggressively investigate big firms that hurt smaller competitors, contending that lax enforcement by the Bush administration contributed to the current economic troubles." - Are you freaking kidding me? No way. No fing way. With all the fraud going on in government (sorry - scratch that) in the financial institutions this is what he chooses to pursue? WTF? Are you kidding me?

OK, so let's cut GOOG and INTC off at the knees. Where the hell do they come up with this stuff? We thought Bush was bad. I really don't like where this is headed. Not as much for the action but as for the timing of the attack. Oh, I get it, there must be 50,000 attorneys out of work and this should about take care of that group. This is really gonna help things at this time! Go get 'em tiger. Two of the largest employers in the nation that generate billions in revenues in taxes. They support communities and peripheral businesses around the globe.

This is a BIG RED FLAG event IMO that will further distract the media and sheeple from the Geitner, Bernanke and Paulson fiasco that constitutes the biggest fraud in American history. Maybe the goal is to tie up the court system for 8 years till they all get out of Dodge. I hope this pisses you off as much as me. The timing of this action is beyond belief.

(Disclaimer - I did not vote for the man and I am not a Democrat - I'm more of a write in vote for Ron Paul kind of guy - so I'll leave party politics out of this for now.)

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  1. Like Geralnd Celente says

    We need a revolution in this country.


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