Friday, May 1, 2009

Sorcery of the doomed

One for the weekend - this one is pretty darn funny.

"I was pretty sloshed as I put another shot of tequila to my now-benumbed lips, but the same thought kept going through my whirling head: Total Fed Credit (also referred to as Federal Reserve Credit), zoomed US$70.3 billion last week! Yikes! $70.3 billion of new credit appeared, as if by magic, in the accounts of banks in One Freaking Week (OFW)!"

And it goes from there. Click on blog title for link to Asia times story. Enjoy and have a good weekend. I plan on winding up like this dude sometime this weekend.


  1. What's wild about this is India wants to become a credit rich nation.... their consumers want credit extended to them, so does China... so we will have a world in debt soon, not just Americans and Europeans.... great isn't it.....

    just stopping by on our way to the pizza party... we've already done the zoo and the beach today... I'm tired, but it's been fun.... glad I didn't sit and watch this tape all day.... lol....

  2. GAAP earnings say SP500 should be zero.

    That doesn't apparently matter either.

    WTF is going on?

    Roll over bitch.

  3. It's friggin rigged game dude. GS controls 30% of the action and the banks got billions to play with in the market in TARP $$. Gonna start trading the 60m SPX indicators again BOTH ways. Tired of jump on down and then get out. No more shorts to be squeezed IMO, but trillions on the sidelines that if comes back in will move the needle more. DE and K both say 888 was top but neither will commit to a pullback target. Do you think the rest of the world is just laughing at the USA now knowing that we cheat, cheat cheat.


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