Friday, June 11, 2010

Up And Running

I have not charted a thing yet, but I have in room wi-fi running. Cruise is spectacular so far. Silver Shadow is living up to expectations. Denali was cool, but as the old saying goes, been there done that. Alaska is an amazing state. The best part of all the travels so far was the drive from Anchorage to Seward. It was over the top incredible with the snow covered mountains meeting the Alascan Gulf. Lots of wildlife. The little Shankys are having a blast and making the trip really easy so far.

Well, it looks like my call of up from the other day is working out so far. I'll find some time today or tonight to get something out and get some charts updated. The time change is a killer and I'm not finding as much free time as I thought I would.

GL out there. Remember the trend is down. If you are trying to scalp long it is just as dangerous as beck when you were trying to scalp or set shorts.