Wednesday, June 9, 2010


LOL, I actually know what the minis are doing. There is a civilized world still left somewhere! Lord knows there is not much civilized in Denali. After two days of traveling to get here and a 4 hour time change, I'm a lot loopier than normal. So, I was up at 3:30 this morning ready to go! Other than the 5 minute sprint thru the Salt Lake City airport to make the connection the trip has been great. The 8 (yes EIGHT) hour train ride to get here was really nice. Here is where Shanky is if you care.

I have recharted the SPX and what to my eyes doth appear but a double bottom with divergences on the SPX. Purely charting the SPX I'd have to say the situations says up. Not a major but at least for a day or two barring a news event.

OK, back to vacation. Can't wait to read some news and find out what I have missed the past two days. I'll get another post out when I can. I have no open positions as I am looking long in a market I know is going down. Trying to go against the trend here will get you killed - just like on the way up.