Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shanky's Summer Schedule

Feeling better, thanks for all the kind words. Morning posts are gonna become a brunch post over the summer as I have found that I like sleeping in since I do not have to get the kids to school. So, I'll do what I can about getting a post up before the bell, but it will be difficult till September. I'm still at work and up and trading, but I don't have the extra time to put the post together cause I have to get ready to trade. Once I get settled in and start seeing things I'll post. This may actually be better for you as a reader and trader.

Next -  I'm gonna be gone to Alaska and Canada for a couple of weeks starting Monday. Cruise with the family. I'll have to get a feel for what I'll be able to do on the blog from the great white north. I'll be trading and working in the wee early hours out there, but I'm not gonna be posting from Denali. Then back home for a bit then to Colorado for the week of the 4th. Then throw in a few more trips to the beach (if it is not destroyed by the oil spill). LOL, I was looking at my historical hits on the blog and could not figure why they dropped so badly last summer. I'm starting to remember why now.

Bottom line is, I do not blog for a living. I don't blog to make money. I blog to help others learn and to spread what I believe is the truth. Many thanks to the many donors I have (especially you ODA - who has still not been properly thanked for the last generous donation). I love to blog and am very grateful for the community I have built and the many that I have helped. I do however trade and manage money for a living, so I will still be fully engaged with the markets (my chartbook may suffer some as well - It is being restructured right now), but the blog may suffer some but not much. You are just gonna have to deal with my sporaticness for a few months. When the kids get back in school things will return to normal.

Again, I am not disappearing or going away. I plan on continuing to make the exceptional market calls you all are so used to, I will just be not posting as frequently or with the clockwork like precision you are accustomed to. I still plan on doing at least one post a day. Never hesitate to send an email if you have questions or want a post on something. Thanks for your understanding. I plan on enjoying this summer as this may be one of the last that we'll be able to enjoy for quite some time.

Thanks again and GL out there.